innis café

Located in the Victorian wing of the College, the Innis Café is a local favourite for students. This family-run business is renowned for its warm service and extensive menu. From freshly-squeezed juices to all-day breakfast to a diverse range of salads, the Innis Café is a great on-campus food option. Place your order at the deli-style counter then enjoy your meal in the casual dining room, or at a picnic table in the Innis courtyard. The Café is fully wheelchair accessible, and it serves vegan and halal meal options.

Meal Plans

The Innis Café accepts UeatT Flexible Dollars, which are a complimentary part of every student meal plan.


Interested in having the Innis Café cater your next event? Feel free to contact them at 416-977-7434 or


  • open weekdays from 8am to 4pm
  • closed on weekends and holidays

Find out more information on the Innis Café on the U of T Food Map webpage.


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