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The spring convocation ceremony for Innis College students will take place on Friday 12 2014 from 10:00 am to 12:00pm at Convocation Hall.

Before the day arrives, there is a critical sequence of steps that you must take. The responsibility ultimately falls upon you, the student, to ensure that all steps are taken.  There are three primary online resources to guide you through the process of preparing and attending your convocation ceremony.

  1. This webpage, published by the Innis Registrar’s Office, which breaks down all of the steps in detail;
  2. This online Graduation Checklist, on the Office of Convocation website; and
  3. The University’s Graduation and Beyond website.

Find where you are in the process, and take note of all impending deadlines.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility to graduate or how to navigate through the graduation process, do not hesitate to contact Academic Advisor, Claudia Li Tang, at claud.litang@utoronto.ca.

photo of the Innis College Dean of Students, Principal and Registrar in their academic regalia on the steps of Convocation Hall following the June 2013 Convocation Ceremony

(left to right) Tim Worgan, Dean of Students; Dr. Janet Paterson, Principal; and Donald Boere, Assistant Principal & Registrar at the 2013 June Convocation Ceremony on the steps of Convocation Hall.