Acquiring Your TCard

What Is a TCard?

Your TCard is your student identification card, but it is so much more than that. The TCard serves the following everyday functions for all UofT students:

  • Digital Access: The Secret Activation Key (SAK) you receive once you get your TCard will allow you to activate your UTORid. This allows you to set up your U of T email, connect to the University wi-fi network, and to access the Learning Portal (aka, Blackboard).
  • On-Campus Purchasing: Loading money onto your TCard
  • Student Photo Identification
    • Identification for midterms, exams and assignments
    • Student discounts: GO Transit and TTC
  • Facilities Access
  • Library Card: Borrowing privileges for all libraries (e.g., books, media)

How Do I Get My TCard?

It is advisable to obtain your TCard before your first classes begin. You can pick up your TCard as early as June. However, if you can’t make it to campus before September, don’t worry. Many students acquire theirs during the first week of class.

a. Prepare Your Documents (2 items)
b. Go to the TCard Office

While you are preparing to acquire your TCard, it is also important to consider preparing yourself for academic life at U of T. Discover what your options are by visiting our webpage for improving your academic skills.