Student Printer Release Station Now Available at Innis

Dear Innis Community,


Working closely with the Innis College Student Society and with funding from the Student Services Committee, we are happy to announce the 2nd floor printer release station is fully functional using the UofT printing systems for students.


Our new printer release station allows you to print from:

  • your personal computer (when on campus),
  • computer stations in Innis College Library, and
  • student computers connected to the Innis College network.


Printer Location:

  • 2nd Floor, East Wing, Innis College
  • The station is between the elevator and Innis College Library (Room 234)


Printing Instructions:

  1. Connect to WIFI: Follow the instructions provided at to connect your laptop to the campus network.
  2. Download driver: Download our specially formatted printer driver available at and follow the website instructions for installation.
  3. Submit your print job: When you send your print job, select “Innis Library B&W Printer” from the Printer drop-down menu.
  4. Log on to the printer: At the printer release station, tap the touch screen to wake the computer. Next tap the “Guest” button and insert your TCard into the card reader labeled “PRINT JOBS”.
  5. Release your print job: Tap the “Print” button to the right of your print job and it will be release to the printer debiting your TCard $0.03 per page.
  6. Release your TCard: When finished printing, tap “Log out” button in the top left corner. The card reader will beep rapidly when your TCard is ready to be removed.


Printing Costs:


Kate Johnson, Innis College Librarian, will provide onsite support available at the Innis College Library during operating hours.