Important Update: Winter Term Re-opening at Innis College

November 25, 2020


On November 20, both President Gertler and Dean Woodin of the Faculty of Arts & Science announced that classes for first-entry divisions (including all undergraduate courses within Arts & Science) will shift to starting on Monday, January 11—a week later than originally planned. The University itself will re-open on January 4, but provisions have been made to provide staff with three additional paid days off.


This is welcome news in light of the tremendous strain caused this past term by the burden of teaching and learning online, and providing student support services in the current environment. We hope that everyone will benefit from the additional time during the break to regroup and recharge. As the city moves to lockdown, never has the prospect of some additional restorative days in January been more welcome.


The change in start date will lead to some additional changes to the academic calendar for the coming term, but will not alter the timing of Reading Week:

  • Reading Week will still take place February 15 to 19, 2021, inclusive.
  • The last day of undergraduate classes will now be Friday, April 9, 2021.
  • Monday, April 12, 2021 is a make-up day for Good Friday (April 2).


Please note that the second term has not been shortened to eleven weeks. It will still be twelve weeks in duration, with classes extended accordingly. Nonetheless, students can expect to complete all assessments tied to the Winter term by April 30. More information will soon be forthcoming about the Winter term’s final assessment period.


Different parts of the College will function in distinct ways during the first days of January; please see additional notes below.


Innis Residence

The Residence will re-open to residents on Sunday, January 3 at 10 am, as previously scheduled. The administrative office will resume on-site operations on Monday, January 4 at 9 am.


Click here for more information about COVID-related precautions within the Residence.


Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life will continue to operate remotely during the Winter term and re-open on January 4 at 9 am.


Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office will resume its regular remote operating hours on Wednesday, January 6.


Innis College Building

The college building (2 Sussex Avenue) will re-open on January 11 at 9 am. The building will be open for appointments from January 4 to 8.


Innis College Library

The Library will resume its regular remote operating hours on Monday, January 4. If you have questions about access to library materials or research questions, please contact the Innis College Librarian.


Learn more about updates on U of T Libraries spaces and services here.



I hope that the news of a delayed start will come as a welcome development to students, instructors, and staff alike, and help to make this upcoming holiday period seem like even more of a bright spot, despite all of the challenges we may face.

Wishing everyone all the best as we move toward December,

Charlie Keil
Principal, Innis College