Course Evaluations & End of Term Dates

Course Evaluations

Submit your course evaluations on portal today! It only takes a few moments of your time and provides extremely valuable information for administrative purposes, for curriculum review, and for instructors to improve their teaching methods.
The deadline to submit evaluations is December 8th. For more information visit

December Dates & Deadlines

  • December 6 | Classes end in F section code courses and in Y section code courses (for Fall session) Last day to request June 2017 graduation
  • December 7 | Makeup Monday classes (at instructor’s discretion) Deadline to request Late Withdrawal (LWD) from F section code courses at College Registrar’s Office
  • December 8 | Study break
  • December 9-20 | Final examinations in F section code courses, and some deferred exams from August 2016; term tests in Y section code courses. Please note that exams may be scheduled on Saturdays.
  • December 20 | Last day to file a petition regarding term work in 2016 fall session F section courses
  • December 21 | Winter holidays begin; University is closed December 21, 2016 to January 1, 2017 inclusive