Student Printer Release Station Now Available at Innis

Dear Innis Community,


Working closely with the Innis College Student Society and with funding from the Student Services Committee, we are happy to announce the 2nd floor printer release station is fully functional using the UofT printing systems for students.


Our new printer release station allows you to print from:



Printer Location:

  • 2nd Floor, East Wing, Innis College
  • The station is between the elevator and Room 222 and close to Innis College Library (Room 234)



Printing Instructions:

  1. Log On to a Computer Station in Innis College Library
    • Dell Computers – Use the Workstation Login (liblab) and password (liblab).
    • Mac Computers – Click on Reminder message to log off before leaving the workstation.
    • PDF documents – Documents that are larger that 5 MB will print very slowly at the Innis Printer Release Station.
  2. Submit your Print Job:
    • A pop-up window will ask for your Username and password.
    • Enter your UTORID (required for printing) and password.
    • Submit the information.
  3. Log on to the printer: At the printer release station, swipe your TCard in the Magstrip Reader tap “OK” button on the screen.
  4. Release your print job: Tap the checkbox beside your print job and tap on “Print” button in the bottom left corner of the screen and it will be release to the printer debiting your TCard $0.04 per page.
  5. Release your TCard: When finished printing, swipe your TCard again to close the transaction.



Printing Costs:

  • Each print job costs $0.04 per page.
  • You must pay using your TCard+
  • Load funds onto your TCard
  • Guest cards cannot be used at the Innis College Printer Release Station
  • Only Black and White printing on letter size paper is available.



During the week, please visit Innis College’s IT Help Desk for assistance:

  • Mondays to Fridays between 9am-3pm

The IT Help Desk is located on the main floor of Innis College’s East Wing (next to the Registrar’s Office and the elevator) at 2 Sussex Avenue.


During the evening and weekends, Innis College Library Staff can provide basic assistance with printing:

  • Monday to Thursday between 3-8pm
  • Friday between 3-5pm
  • Weekends between 1-8pm