Tom’s Popcorn Talks

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On Mondays starting on 18 January, Tom MacKay will be holding a weekly “popcorn talk” in the Innis Residence Events Room from 5 – 6 PM and everyone is invited! Who is Tom? He’s an Innis College Associate Registrar, specializing in financial issues, and pretty good at overall question-answering.

Each session will include a quick and energetic “microtalk” on a specific issue, usually (but not always) about money. And each session will have a different flavour of popcorn. On top of that, courtesy of the Office of Student Life, there will be a selection of drinks!

After the talk, there’s a chance to ask questions about the topic — or ask any questions at all that you might have for a representative from your Registrar’s Office.

Here’s the topics set up for the first six sessions:

  • 18 Jan: The Post-Holiday Budget Blues ft. Original Buttersalt
    (watch it on YouTube)
  • 25 Jan: Scholarships 101: What’s Out There ft. Thai Sweet Chili
    (watch it on YouTube)
  • 1 Feb: Scholarships 201: Writing a Good Scholarship Application ft. Dilled Out
    (watch it on YouTube)
  • 8 Feb: How You Spend Your Summer Holidays – The Job Hunt ft. Whalin’ White Cheddar (watch it on YouTube)
  • 15 Feb: (No Talk – Family Day)
  • 22 Feb: OSAP (and Studying) in the Summer ft. Air Caramel
    (watch it on YouTube)
  • 29 Feb: Doing Taxes: From Meh to Yay! ft. Cheesy Dill

They are all free, informative, and fun, not least because: popcorn. Come check it out!