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4 Program Info Sessions | Presented by the Innis Registrar’s Office

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feb 29 | tom’s popcorn talks: Doing Taxes: From Meh to Yay!

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On Mon 29 Feb from 5-6:00 PM in the Innis Residence Events Room, join Associate Registrar, Tom MacKay, for the sixth and final in a brand new series of “Popcorn Talks.” This talk is entitled, Doing Taxes: From Meh to Yay! Tom will deliver a quick and energetic micro-talk followed by an open round of questions from […]

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CONGRATULATIONS Prof Andy Dicks – Recipient of a 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award!

Innis College is proud to announce that Dr. Andy Dicks, Professor of Chemistry and Innis’ own Life Science FLC Faculty Advisor, has been awarded a 3M National Teaching Fellowship. This prestigious award recognizes leadership in post-secondary education. Professor Dicks is one of just 10 recipients nationwide. Andy is a valued friend of Innis College, having been our […]

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