Learning Supports

Adjusting to university-level study might be your most challenging academic experience yet. And that can be a little intimidating if you don’t feel prepared, or just need to brush up on note taking or study habits. At Innis we have a range of learning supports to help you figure out and achieve your academic goals.

The Innis learning strategist can help with academic challenges

Our learning strategist works with you to identify your learning challenges, strengths, and goals — and supports you to find strategies that suit your needs:

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Meghan Litteljohn, Innis College’s Learning Strategist, offers a holistic approach to academic skills development, and she’s ready to offer you practical strategies that build on your strengths.

To make an appointment with Meghan, please book here, completing the “Learning Strategy Appointment” option.

You can also contact Meghan directly at or  416-946-3159.

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