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The Innis Herald is your student-run paper that is a platform for a diverse range of student voices around the College, and around the U of T campus. We welcome contributions of time and talent from Innis students!

Published bi-monthly, The Herald has been informing and entertaining students since 1965. Because of Innis College’s academic program orientation, The Herald has a particular focus on the arts, film, culture, and writing. 

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Our mandate is to encourage critical thought and participation within the College, the wider U of T campus, and related communities. Here’s where you’ll find topical discussion of ideas, issues, opinions, and thoughts that you may not find in other student publications.

We welcome submissions of all kinds, and if you’d like to get even more involved, we’re always looking for contributors, including writers, editors, proofreaders, photographers, designers, illustrators, and those with great organizational and team skills! If you’re interested, contact the Innis Herald.

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