Using the Library

Library Collections

The Innis College Library has a specific physical collection focus: it supports the Cinema Studies Institute, the Writing & Rhetoric Program, and to some extent, the Urban Studies Program, FYF@Innis seminars, and FYF Innis One Program.

Print collections

Print collections are organized by the following sections within the library:
  • Stacks – Books on open shelving can be borrowed from the library (various topics, including Cinema Studies, select Urban Studies)
  • Writing & Rhetoric – Books can be borrowed from the library
  • PhD collection (restricted access) – Borrowing is restricted to our Cinema Studies PhD students but in-library use is available to others
  • Reference and oversize reference (in-library use) – A separate area for dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference books, including large art books
  • Periodicals collections (in-library use) – Journals related to Cinema Studies and Writing & Rhetoric programs
  • Creative and non-fiction works by Innis faculty and students, including the following:
  • Animation Collection Kiosk – A collaboration between the Cinema Studies Institute’s Professor Nicholas Sammond, and the International Animated Film Society (ASIFA-Hollywood), this archival database has more than 3,000 titles of animated features and shorts, spanning 1933 to 1997.
  • Light Therapy Lamps – Phototherapeutic lamps can be signed for short-term loan through the library’s course reserves collection. Experience the benefits of simulated full-spectrum natural light while you study.

Questions about any of our collections?

Have a question about finding something in the library (including Innis and U of T Libraries)? Our librarian can help.