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Co-Curricular Certificate Programs

Learn and grow with a Co-Curricular Certificate! Do you have a particular interest in mental health, social innovation, or intercultural learning that you’d like to develop in a deeper and more experiential way?  Open to all undergraduate students, all three certificate programs qualify for inclusion in your Co-Curricular Record.

Mental Health Skills Certificate & Workshop Series

In the Mental Health Skills Certificate & Workshop Series, you’ll explore your self-awareness and knowledge of mental health issues, and learn about resources and supports.

  • Do you want to recognize mental health challenges in yourself and others?
  • Are you interested in learning about resources to support mental wellness?
  • Do you want to reduce the stigma related to mental health issues on campus?

The Mental Health Skills Certificate & Workshop Series is for students who want to increase their own self-awareness and knowledge concerning mental health issues in young people.

Students who attend the entire five-part series of hands-on workshops, talks, and events will receive the Mental Health Skills Certificate and recognition on their Co-Curricular Record.

Mental Health Skills Certificate & Workshop Series components

Complete this online training module before the launch event. You’ll find out how to recognize a young person experiencing a mental health challenge; learn how to offer assistance; and facilitate help-seeking behaviour. Through examples and scenarios, you’ll learn the many forms that mental illness can take, and the people it affects, including diverse, inter-sectional identities. You’ll gain an understanding of the impact that identity has on mental health.

Meet other participants, and begin to create supportive relationships that contribute to a positive learning environment. Identify and explore your level of knowledge and perceptions of mental illness and mental health in a safe and inclusive space.

This interactive session explores what it means to feel good and function well as a student. Drawing on a recent study of well-being, you’ll participate in activities that promote resiliency and prevent burnout. The focus is on your personal mental wellness; you’ll reflect on how your own identity may influence how you perceive and support your own mental health.

You’ll be trained to help prevent suicide by learning to identify signs of suicidal thoughts and ideation, then engaging with and connecting the person in crisis to the appropriate intervention resource. The workshop will be facilitated by Steve Masse, Innis College dean of students. (If you have already completed safeTALK before this session, your safeTALK certificate may be used as proof to complete the Mental Health Skills Certificate.)

Attend a presentation on mental health given by a youth volunteer from  Jack Talk speakers share their own mental health story in accordance with Safe Storytelling Guidelines. They’ll talk about how to recognize mental health struggles in yourself and others, and how to help and connect with the right resources. 

Social Innovation Certificate

Have you ever wondered how you can make an impact on the world and contribute to social change? Innis College, in partnership with The Agency, is excited to present the Social Innovation Certificate Program.

This program provides you with the opportunity to understand social innovation and its impact and learn how to become a change-maker! 

Examples of sessions include:

  • Social Impact 101: What is social innovation? How is it connected to the United Nations Sustainability Goals? How can I get involved and make a difference?
  • Careers with Purpose: Students interact in a “living library,” focusing on careers that will create change in the world. The “books” are social innovators who want to help you by sharing their experiences.
  • Road Trip! Get off campus and explore change-makers and social innovators in their places of work/community. Past examples of amazing experiences include: a trip to Karma Co-Op and the Centre for Social Innovation, and a tour of the Discovery District and MaRS.

For more information on social innovation check out The Agency Website.

Intercultural Competencies Certificate

The Intercultural Competencies Certificate will help you discover how your own cultural identity shapes the way you understand and act in life. You’ll gain more confidence in your intercultural communication skills, applicable to any life or work situation.

  • Designed to help students enhance intercultural learning, and connect with other like-minded students.
  • By joining this program, you’ll deepen your knowledge and build skills related to cultural difference and intercultural communication. These are skills you can use (and list on your resume), not just in your academic endeavours, but also in your future career. You will also receive recognition on your Co-Curricular Record.
  • To earn the certificate, you’ll attend a series of three to five events/workshops held throughout the year. These workshops will vary each year, but you can expect to enhance your intercultural understanding and knowledge.

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