Innis Info

About the College

Welcome to Innis College. Innis is just about the smallest of the seven colleges — and almost the youngest too — affiliated with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Arts & Science. Our size, about 2,000 students, helps to define our atmosphere: inclusive, friendly, active, tight-knit, and diverse.

Innis was founded in 1964 in the midst of a decade of change. We were exceptional then, in that we gave students an equal voice in the College’s governance. Over 50 years later, our students — along with faculty and staff — continue to make Innis an exceptional place to learn and grow in a time of even more demanding change.

What sets us apart

“It’s the college where everyone knows you, and you know everyone.” Innis is the only college at U of T that has parity between students and faculty/administration in our governing structure. This means that students have an equal voice when it comes to important decisions concerning the College. Put another way, it means that at Innis, the focus is on you, the student — your needs, your goals, and especially your voice.

We are here to foster both your academic success and your personal development. You have access to the incredible breadth and depth of academic excellence at U of T, while experiencing it through your own warm and supportive Innis community.

We’re Innis together!

You’ll find Innis College in the heart of U of T’s downtown St. George Campus. We’re at the northwest corner of St. George Street and Sussex Avenue, just north of Robarts Library. 

Our red-brick building blends old and new by incorporating a Victorian house into a bright and open structure. Right across the street you’ll find the apartment-style Innis Residence. The result is students feel part of a welcoming and supportive community.

We wish to acknowledge the land on which Innis College at the University of Toronto operates. Learn more about our Acknowledgement of Traditional Land.

Town Hall

A fully equipped cinema and auditorium, home to numerous academic and community arts and cultural events.

Innis Library

Our cozy library focuses on Cinema Studies and Writing & Rhetoric collections; find study spaces and a computer lab too.

Innis Writing Centre

Book an appointment for free one-to-one instruction to improve your writing skills — and your grades.

Innis Residence

A modern, apartment-style residence with private bedrooms, & shared kitchen, living space, and bathrooms.

Renewal and Expansion

We’re in the process of expanding and enhancing space for students at Innis! 

Rooftop patio & Innis Green

These are just two of a few special student spaces where you can meet, study, or just hang out.

Who are our students and what are they studying?

Innis students come from all over Canada and the world. Some live in the Innis Residence, just across the street from the College. We have a number of commuter students who live in Toronto and the surrounding area, and who travel to Innis every day; we welcome them with their own lounge and activities geared to building community. Our international students are also an integral part of our community.

Innis students are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts & Science at U of T, which means they’re studying in numerous disciplines and fields. Innis College hosts several programs that we’ve become known for: Cinema Studies — Innis is home to the Cinema Studies Institute, with both an undergrad and graduate program; the Urban Studies Program; and the Writing & Rhetoric (minor) Program. Our students are creative and scientific thinkers, innovators, activists, and people who get things done.

What happens at Innis...

Is a lot. Events, student activities, clubs, groups — our students love to be active, and have fun, whether that’s belonging to a film club or environmental group, or becoming involved in governing the College through the Innis College Council (ICC), or organizing a student event through the Innis College Student Society (ICSS). There’s always something happening in the Town Hall too, from free film screenings to speaker series and community events.

Innis is dedicated to supporting you academically and personally

Our staff have helped and supported thousands of Innisians (that’s what Innis College students, faculty, staff, and alumni are known as) to make their university experience the best it can possibly be.

We have academic advisors to help you choose courses; a learning strategist who’ll show you the best ways to study; leadership and mentorship programs to make the future seem a little less scary; health and wellness professionals who are there when you need them; a librarian who can help you navigate the Innis College Library, and the massive U of T library network; and so many other people, programs, and resources designed to ensure you achieve your goals and reach your potential.