Why Choose Innis?

Students choose Innis for many different reasons. We’re one of the smallest colleges at the University of Toronto; students love that they’re part of a friendly and inclusive community.

We’re also one of the youngest colleges, and the only one where student voices carry equal weight to those of the administration in college governance. Innis students are involved, not just in their academic success, but in the life of their dynamic and diverse community.

Discover why Innis could be your best choice.

Learn why Innis students love their college!

Top 1011 reasons why students choose Innis College

It can be a daunting task. Which academic institution has the right program for me? And which one will give me the best student experience? Here are a few reasons students choose Innis.

1. A wide range of exciting academic programs!

As a Faculty of Arts & Science student, you have an incredible range of programs to choose from. Innis has designed both the First-Year Foundations (FYF) Innis One Program, and the FYF@Innis seminars specifically for new students. Innis is also known for its renowned Cinema Studies Institute, dynamic Urban Studies Program, and multidisciplinary Writing & Rhetoric (Minor) Program.

FYF Innis One: The Creative City, a First-Year Foundations program for students who want to develop their creative and critical capacities by exploring our dynamic urban environment.

FYF Seminars, another First-Year Foundations option offering topical subjects taught by professors who are experts in their fields, all in a small-group setting.

Cinema Studies Institute, one of North America’s most established and recognized programs, offering undergraduate, MA and PhD programs.

Urban Studies Program, a multidisciplinary program of study, which offers a multitude of ways to observe, interpret, and understand urban life.

Writing & Rhetoric (Minor) Program, a multidisciplinary program designed to help students from any discipline graduate with well-developed communication and critical thinking skills they can apply academically and in the workplace.

2. Amazing students!

Innis College attracts people who are creative, active, curious, and questioning of the status quo; they’re willing to work to achieve their goals. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves; they respect different opinions and diversity within and outside of their community. If this sounds like you, you have a place at Innis.

3. Awesome faculty and staff!

You’re never a number at Innis. Principal Charlie Keil, Registrar Donald Boere, Dean of Students Jason Brennan, and Librarian Kate Johnson — as well as award-winning teaching faculty and helpful, experienced staff — are all approachable and eager to meet you and provide assistance.

4. Hundreds of ways you can be involved in Innis life!

Want to make a difference at Innis, or in the community, or even the world? From leadership training and positions with the Innis College Council (ICC), where your voice counts, to becoming a peer mentor, to earning a co-curricular certificate in social innovation, there are so many opportunities to find fun, friends, and meaningful ways to belong, contribute and give back.

5. Your voice carries equal weight!

We’re the only college on campus where student voices carry equal weight with those of the administration on matters of governance. Our students are at the heart of everything we do: we’re here to teach, inspire and support you to achieve academic excellence and growth as a person. You’ll do this as part of a strong and dynamic community that values inclusivity, respect, trust and diversity. 

6. The apartment-style residence right across the street!

Students love our apartment-style residence — private bedrooms that surround a shared kitchen, living room and bathrooms, housed in a modern, air-conditioned building. You’ll love the suite events, House Olympics and the amazing amenities, including 24/7 front desk staffing, bike room and fitness studio. Learn more about the Innis Residence.

7. The diverse list of scholarship and admission awards!

Innis has a long list of scholarships and awards based on marks, leadership skills, affiliation (like program of study), and financial need. Explore Innis Scholarships — and the wider U of T list — to see which ones you qualify for.

8. Fun, free events at our own theatre!

If you love films as much as we do, you’ll be spending more than a few evenings at the Innis Town Hall. There’s always a free screening, speaker, or event happening at the Town Hall. And it’s right in the College building.

9. Great student spaces!

Study, hang out, take in some sun, or meet up with friends — Innis has a rooftop patio on top of the College; the Innis Green, where your next pick-up sport is about to happen; and the Innis Café, one of the best campus eating spots, with fresh, homemade meals, and more, again, located right in the building.

10. Our one-of-a-kind Writing Centre!

Decades ago, the Innis College Writing Centre was the first of its kind at a North American university — now it’s the place you go to become a better writer, important not just for your academic years, but for your future career. Where else can you get free, one-to-one instruction geared to your specific needs?

11. You’ll always be an Innisian!

Even when you graduate, you’ll still be a part of the vibrant Innis community. Innis alumni keep in touch through social events — in Toronto and around the globe — as well as becoming mentors and volunteers. Many alumni say that one of the best things about Innis is the lifelong friends they’ve made while there.

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Belonging to one of the seven colleges at U of T is at the heart of your Faculty of Arts & Science experience. Each one — including Innis — has its own unique identity.