innis one: the creative city

Drawing from the College’s three academic programs – Cinema Studies, Urban Studies, and Writing and Rhetoric – Innis One encourages students to develop their creative and critical capacities by exploring the dynamism of the urban environment. By reaching beyond the walls of the academy to engage in an imaginative, inquiry-based, and civic-minded learning experience, students will gain a greater appreciation of the interplay between film, writing, and urban landscapes. Small seminars featuring films, guest lecturers, and special field trips offer a unique experiential learning opportunity that will also help students to develop writing, research, and analytical skills.

  • Students will enroll in two of the three half-credit courses offered.
  • Class enrolment is limited to 25 students.
  • Decisions will be made on a rolling basis.

Application Information

The Innis One program is available for all newly admitted first-year students in the Faculty of Arts and Science.  Admission to Innis One will be based on the on-line application. Admission marks, admission category and college affiliation will not affect consideration to the program.


INI100H1 The City Where Movies Are Made 
An introduction to film culture in Toronto from a variety of angles, including: a history of the city onscreen (both as itself and as a popular shooting location for American productions); an account of major Toronto filmmaking sites and institutions; introductions to local directors and producers; and overviews of contemporary local film festival culture (TIFF and beyond) as well as the city’s film-critical community. Through a combination of lectures, screenings, field trips and special guest speakers, the students will be moved to consider both the vitality of Toronto’s film scene as well as its connections to other aspects of the city.

  • Fall (2016) Term: Tuesdays 9-12

INI101H1 Blogging the Just City
An introduction to the concept of the city as a creative environment promoting not only growth and wealth but also social justice, equality, cooperation, and civility. Students will learn to build their own blog to help them to observe, interpret, and reflect upon the process of urban interaction and the relationship between creativity and justice.

  • Winter (2017) Term: Thursdays 3-6

INI102H1 Telling the Stories of the City: Writing Creative Non-Fiction 
An introduction to creative writing techniques and the personal essay form through which students will explore and develop their conscious connection to the natural-urban landscape. The course will include activities such as field trips, readings, interviews, and journaling to generate the material for personal essays on engagement with nature in the city.

  • Fall (2016) Term: Thursdays 3-6
  • Winter (2017) Term: Mondays 10-1