innis services

Office of the Registrar

The focal point for academic and financial information, advice and problem-solving.

Innis Writing Centre

Innis Career Mentorship Program

InSIGHT at Innis

Innis Library + Computer Lab

Note: As with all libraries at U of T, the Innis Library is accessible to all students of the University.

Office of Student Life

Provides support for non-academic life to improve the overall student experience. Programming generally falls into four categories: leadership, mentorship, community outreach, and life skills.

Centre for International Experience – Embedded Advisor

Asim Ashraf, Innis’ “embedded” CIE advisor, hosts office hours at the College every week from September to May on Tuesdays from 2 – 7:00pm. Asim advises both international students with transition into U of T, and domestic students interested in going on exchange to study abroad.