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Attention Incoming Students | Webcasts from our summer Academic Orientation Sessions are now available on our YouTube channel. If you were unable to participate in one of these sessions, watching these videos is a great way to understand your degree requirements, to develop strategies for course selection and timetabling, and to learn how to pay your fees and become “registered” for the Fall/Winter term ahead. If you did attend a session, these videos will also be a nicer refresher for you.

There are 5 different videos available. Begin with “How to Use Your Calendar” then watch 1 of the 4 “Selecting Your Courses” videos. Find the one that is specific to your admission category (i.e., the general academic field that you will be studying in).

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Innis College website! This section of the site is geared toward future and newly-admitted students. The pages within are organized according to the new student process: the sequence of deadlines, events and opportunities. This begins with information for those who are simply thinking about Innis College at the University of Toronto, and it takes you all the way to your first day of class.

If this sounds like it’s for you then you can fast forward to the most relevant pages of this section by identifying yourself in the list below:

  • You are a current or former high school student who is wondering what Innis College at U of T is all about. You can start here: Choosing U of T & Innis College;
  • You have decided that Innis College is the choice for you and are ready to apply. Start here: Applying to U of T;
  • You are a student looking to transfer to Innis College from another degree-granting institution with advanced credits. Be sure to read this page: Applying with advanced credits.
  • You have already submitted your OUAC application to U of T and want to know what the next steps are. Start here: After applying.
  • You have been offered admission to Innis College at U of T and are preparing for the upcoming school year. Start here: Preparing for first year.
  • The first week of classes is right around the corner and you are getting ready to begin. Start here: Your first classes.
  • Your first classes are underway and you want to know what services and resources are available to you as an Innis College student. Please check out the Current Students section of our website.

Don’t miss our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Click here to find out how to book an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the Innis Registrar’s Office. A one-hour appointment with Denise Gray, our Academic Advisor for incoming students, is a great way to help you find the answers to any of your questions.