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Why Innis College at the University of Toronto?

Innis is one of seven colleges within the Faculty of Arts & Science (FAS) at U of T. Still unclear on what a “college” is? Explore this website to learn more about each of the colleges.

There is no single best college; each offers its own unique attributes. Rather, there might be a college that feels better suited to your personal interests. To find out if Innis College is a good fit for you, explore this page to start generating an impression. Within the about section of this website, you can also read about our space, our community and our legacy at Innis College.

You can further broaden your understanding of Innis College by visiting any of the events and websites below:


A bit about Innis…

  • Admission awards: Close to 15% of new students receive admission awards to study at Innis. The average value of admission awards is $3000. Find out more in the Scholarships & Awards section of the website.
  • Academic advising: At Innis College, the Innis College is your first stop for academic, financial and personal support. Stop in, give us a call or send us an email with any questions. You could even make a phone, skype or in-person one-on-one appointment with Denise Gray, our academic advisor for new students.
  • Financial aid: As an Innis College student, our Financial Aid Counsellor, Daniela Pirraglia, is here to help you find and budget your money. From scholarships and awards to bursaries and loans, book an appointment with Daniela, to get advice you need to finance your degree.
  • Governance & Leadership: Students make real decisions concerning college direction, life, and policies through the parity-style governance structure. The Innis Office of Student Life is here to enhance your student experience outside of the classroom.
  • Sports & Athletics: Innis students participate in a variety of intramural men’s, women’s, and co-ed league teams and tournaments. Despite the relatively small size of the college, recent years have seen championship teams in hockey, soccer, and volleyball.
  • Community Outreach: Innis students have aided at-risk youth, homeless individuals, the arts community, and local charities.
  • Special Interest Groups: Innis hosts a variety of groups including the Innis Herald newspaper, a peer mentorship program, a refugee sponsorship program, Free Friday Films, the Innis College Student Society, student unions for the College’s academic programs, and Innis Residence Council.
  • Innis Residence: The residence is a modern apartment-style complex centrally located on the St. George campus. It has: 60% first-year students, 329 single rooms grouped together in 78 apartment-style suites with a furnished living room, two washrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. Common spaces include exercise, laundry, music, games, TV, and study rooms. Find out more at the Innis Residence website or take a guided residence tour yourself.

Don’t just take our word for it!

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  • Send your queries to the anonymous and candid (i.e., painfully honest) wiz behind the ever-popular askastudent blog.