preparing for first year

Attention New Students! Register for an Academic Orientation Session to learn about choosing and enrolling in courses, meet faculty, staff and upper year students, and get financial aid advice plus your UofT student card.

Pick one of the following two dates, 20 June 2015 or 27 June 2015, and sign up by clicking the corresponding link.

If you have been offered admission to Innis College at U of T, and you have accepted your offer on the OUAC, congratulations! Welcome to the vibrant Innis College community!

There is a long sequence of dates, events and opportunities to consider in between now and your first week of class. The newly-admitted student process can be exciting and at times cumbersome. Fortunately, we have prepared this PDF checklist to help you manage it all.

The Faculty of Arts & Science website, known as the Registration Instructions & Timetable, is the definitive resource to help you navigate the process. Here you will find six steps to course registration and a list of important dates.

TCard & UTmail+
One useful early step, if you are able to visit campus during the summer, is to acquire your student identification card (TCard) and set up your UTmail+ email account. The TCard Office is right beside Innis College, in Robart’s Library. You can pick up your TCard as early as June. With your TCard you will be prompted to activate your UTORid and UTmail+ address.

Note: If you can’t make it to campus before September, don’t worry. Many students acquire their TCards during the first week of class.

The pages contained within this section of the website present this process to you, in a sequential manner. Click the links below to jump to that page.