Engaging in Innis Student Life & Housing

Being a student at U of T and Innis College involves much more than the academic business of your courses, programs and degree. Student life refers to the realm of opportunities and services that take place outside of the classroom. This includes clubs, teams, social events, and peer mentorship, just to name a few. Fully “preparing for first year” also means discovering and engaging in these facets of student life. What follows is a list of highlights for Innis College students:

  • Innis College Student Society (ICSS): Every student at Innis College belongs to the student-governed ICSS. Your ICSS Council coordinates a wide range of events, clubs, teams and opportunities to engage in our vibrant Innis community, including the much anticipated Orientation Week. Keep an eye out for Council elections, when two first year student reps are voted in.
  • Orientation Week: This is a weeklong series of activities designed to transition new students into life at Innis and U of T. Year after year, “frosh week” proves to be a fun, memorable and informative experience, where new students begin to form lasting friendships. Visit the ICSS website for more information.
  • Campus Tours: Before arriving at U of T and Innis College in September, consider a visit to downtown Toronto to orient yourself to the St. George campus, the surrounding neighbourhoods and your transportation options. The Nona Macdonald Visitor’s Centre offers regular campus walking tours throughout the summer, as do the U of T libraries.
  • Office of Student Life: Here at Innis, we have an entire team of professionals dedicated to enhancing the student life experience. Led by our Dean of Students, Tim Worgan, this team facilitates opportunities in four program areas: leadership, mentorship, community outreach and life skills. Visit the Innis Student Life website to find out how to get involved.
  • Centre for International Experience (CIE): The CIE is a meeting place for a diverse community of international students coming to U of T and domestic students looking to go abroad. Drop by the CIE at the Cumberland House to find information and make new friends.


Student Housing

Now that you are aware of your student life opportunities, and have made some important decisions about housing and food, you are almost ready to begin. Find out what last minute items you should consider before your first classes begin.