Site Accessibility

an inclusive website for an inclusive community

At Innis College, we aim to foster an inclusive and accommodating space and community. This website has also been designed to embody this principle by complying with A.O.D.A. Level A accessibility standards. If this website disables your user experience in any way please contact the Innis Registrar’s Office and we will work hard to incorporate your feedback.

Cascading style sheets

This website is styled with Cascading Style Sheets. This enables assistive browsing technologies to bypass visual style without loss of content. Font sizes are declared using relative sizes (i.e., ems), enabling you to enlarge and reduce font size using the text size options in your internet browser.


This website has been designed to minimize both cumbersome text and redundancy of information across websites at the University. Hyperlinks to the most relevant U of T websites, external to Innis College, are judiciously employed throughout. Each hyperlink is presented in a concise, yet descriptive manner so that you are of its destination. An external hyperlink opens in a new tab or window, in your browser, so that you retain your position on the Innis College website at all times.

Site organization and navigation

This website has been organized hierarchically, whereby the bulk of information is nested within one of five sections: about, new students, current students, academic programs, and alumni community. You can access each section and its respective subsections through a dropdown menu in the header and a static menu in the footer. You can also access the subsections to a given page by clicking the links in the sidebar menu (left column). If you are unable to find your destination through these means, make use of the search bar on the right side of the header.

On each page, a breadcrumb navigation trail is displayed at the top of content area to facilitate your reverse navigation through the website, and to reinforce your understanding of your location within the hierarchy of webpages.

Access keys

This website has been configured with access keys that enable you to jump to specific areas of a given webpage and to specific pages within the site. Activate an access key by following the keyboard instructions below:

PC Users:

  • Chrome: [alt] + [access key]
  • Firefox: [shift] + [alt] + [access key]
  • Internet Explorer 8: [alt] + [accesskey] to focus, and then [enter] to activate
  • Internet Explorer 9+: [alt] + [access key]

Mac Users:

  • Chrome: [ctrl] + [opt] + [access key]
  • Firefox 14.0.1+: [ctrl] + [opt] + [access key]
  • Safari 4+: [ctrl] + [opt] + [access key]

The access keys for this website are as follows:
h — homepage
t — top of page
m — main content
a — about section
n — new students section
c — current students section
p — academic programs section
d — innis college directory