Fun Spaces

You didn’t just come here to study! Having fun is a big part of the Innis College experience, and there are lots of different ways to enjoy yourself (responsibly)!

Have we missed any? Let us know.

Commuter Student Lounge

Located in the back corner of the College in Room IN105, the lounge is a great place to bring your own lunch or dinner — or your own fixings to make one. The lounge has a little kitchenette, with a toaster, microwave, coffee maker, and kettle.

Rooftop patio

If the weather’s good, bring your coffee, meal, or snack up to the rooftop patio. If you forgot your sunscreen, there are patio umbrellas to sit under and tables where you can spread out your stuff.

Innis Green

Another great outdoor option, the Innis College Green has benches to sit on and people to watch, a perfect place to bring your lunch or dinner.

residence quad

Innis Residence Quad

The Quad at Innis Residence is a great outdoor option for any Innis student to gather and relax around picnic tables and on benches. You can even book the Quad for your next Innis event.