Dr. Charlie Keil

Principal, Innis College, July 1, 2015 –


Charlie Keil, the Principal of Innis College, is a Professor in the History Department and past Director of the Cinema Studies Institute.  He has been teaching at the University of Toronto for over 20 years.  He received his BA from the University of Toronto and his MA and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Professor Keil is a scholar of early cinema, particularly the pivotal ‘transitional era’ of the 1910s, and has pioneered the study of the period in such books as Early American Cinema in Transition; American Cinema’s Transitional Era (co-edited with Shelley Stamp); and American Cinema of the 1910s (co-edited with Ben Singer).  He has also published on documentary, contemporary cinema, authorship, and stardom.  In collaboration with Professor Marta Braun of Ryerson University, he developed the Early Cinema Filmography of Ontario online database.


Professor Keil’s most recent books include two anthologies, Editing and Special/Visual Effects (co-edited with Kristen Whissel) and A Companion to D.W. Griffith.  He is preparing two others for publication, The Oxford Handbook of Silent Cinema (co-edited with Rob King) and a history of early Hollywood (with Denise McKenna).


During his time as Director of the Cinema Studies Institute, Professor Keil oversaw the evolution of CSI from an undergraduate College program to a freestanding institute offering M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.  Above all, Professor Keil is committed to excellence in teaching and an enhanced student experience, a commitment recognized by both the Faculty of Arts & Science (Outstanding Teaching Award, 2015), and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (Distinguished Pedagogy Award, 2019).