Innis Writing Centre

We are open for online appointments! Eligible students may have one appointment per week, and up to 12 per semester. You may book up to three appointments in advance. Please book through the online system.


All undergraduate students taking courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science on the St. George campus may reserve up to TWO appointments per week during the Spring and Summer semesters. The online system is now open for bookings.


The Writing Centre offers free instruction to help students with their assignments. We operate out of Rooms 315 and 321 in Innis College. Currently we are operating exclusively online.


Writing and thinking go together. They are central activities in university study and in most jobs. We can boost your confidence by helping you to become a better writer and a better editor of your own work. At the Writing Centre you get personalized, one-on-one instruction from experienced, supportive writing instructors. Many students have realized that this free instruction can complement their classroom learning throughout their university careers and make a significant difference in their performance. Writing Centres offer students a rare opportunity for private instruction geared to their specific needs.


In a 50-minute appointment, our writing instructors will show you which aspects of writing you already handle well and which aspects you need to improve; we’ll also explain how the Writing Centre can help you during the year. Bring in a course assignment that you’re working on. You may come in at any stage in the process of the assignment, even if you’ve not yet written a draft, but do come well before you have finished your work, so that you will have time to consider and incorporate the suggestions made by our instructors.


Eligibility (Fall/Winter)

You may use the Innis Writing Centre for all your written course work if you are an Innis College student. If you are not an Innis College student but are taking a course(s) at Innis College offered by the Cinema Studies Institute, the Urban Studies program, or the Writing and Rhetoric program, you can use the Innis Writing Centre for assignments specifically in those courses, which include

  • any CIN-, INI- or JIX- course,
  • JEI206H, and
  • any Innis College First Year Seminar (199) course


Innis College students seeking admission to a professional or graduate school will now be able to seek help on admissions letters.


Learn more about our Frequently Asked Questions.


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It will take you to the login screen where you type in your UTOR ID and password to enter the system. We look forward to helping you!


Additional Resources

There are other, very helpful resources through Writing at U of T, including special Writing Plus workshops through the year. Click on the link in the left menu to learn more.