Financial Info & Counseling

Innis College

A key starting point at Innis College is the Financial Aid Officer at the Innis College Registrar’s Office, who is also the Associate Registrar – Administrative: Joe Minichini.

General money- and fee-related questions can be asked at the Innis Registrar’s Office front desk, but if there are a lot of variables or questions, an appointment might be best. The best way to book an appointment is to drop by the office or phone 416-978-2513.

What kinds of questions can the Financial Aid Officer help with?

  • Planning a budget
  • Insight into typical and expected resources for students
  • Balancing part-time work and school
  • Reviewing expenses
  • Strategizing around fees, pros-and-cons around full- vs. part-time study
  • General OSAP/student loan queries
  • Emergency bursary & grant application process
  • Scholarship possibilities
  • General information re fees calculation and fee adjustments
  • Exemption from international fees

What the Financial Aid Officer cannot do is find out specific details about student loan assessments like OSAP – for that, see below, Enrolment Services.

Enrolment Services

Enrolment Services acts as the central financial aid office, especially for helping administer OSAP and other provincial student loans. Enrolment Services receives documentation around applications and appeals and can give more detailed explanations regarding a student’s assessment and options. For example, when you apply for OSAP, the final documentation for the loan itself – the signature pages – get delivered to Enrolment Services.

Enrolment Services can also offer some limited help for non-Ontario student loans. They also administer the UTAPS grant program, which itself uses the data provided by OSAP. You can reach them by phone or email or even drop by in person at 172 St. George Street.

Student Accounts

When the question is about the calculation of fees or needed adjustments to fees and is complicated enough that the Innis College cannot help, you can also go straight to Student Accounts for help answering questions. Student Accounts can also help you if, say, a refund is due to you and you want to see if you can arrange the funds sooner.

Student Accounts also helps you register if you are having your tuition costs paid directly by a third party sponsorship; they send the necessary documentation to that third party and take in payment.

Financial Counseling Directory

There may be other places on campus that offer specific advice on finances and financial options.