Student Jobs


Innis College Library – Fall / Winter Work Study Positions


Innis College Library is pleased to be hiring 5 Library Assistant Positions through UofT’s Work Study Program.

  • Start and end dates: September 7, 2021 to Feb 18, 2022
  • Hours per week: 5-8 hours
  • Pay rate: $15.00/hour
  • Regular shifts will be assigned and schedules are designed each semester to accommodate courses



Deadline for Applications

Remember – Submit your application via UofT Career Learning Network by Wednesday August 25 by 11:59pm: 

Scroll down for tips on applying for these positions




Student Eligibility


Requirements for all Innis Library positions: 

You must be:

  • Available to work 5 to 8 hrs a week from September to February (typically between 10-5pm but additional hours may be available as semester progresses)
  • Able to work onsite meeting health and safety requirements set out by the University of Toronto and Innis College (i.e., wearing masks while working indoors)



UofT Work Study Program’s Requirements

  • University of Toronto Student (Non-degree students are NOT eligible for Work Study)
  • Students are permitted to accept only ONE Work Study position per program period.
  • Students doing a paid placement (e.g. co-op work term) already are NOT also eligible for work study
  • Graduate students MUST be registered as defined by their college/faculty in order to be eligible. Students working towards their dissertation or thesis are also eligible.


Fall/Winter 2021-22 Course Load

  • Domestic undergraduate and graduate degree students enrolled in at least 40% course load continuously from September to April, totalling at least 2.0 credits (e.g. the minimum would be 0.5 credits in one session and 1.5 credits in the other).
  • International undergraduate and graduate students studying on a full-time basis (part-time NOT eligible), continuously from September to April (check your enrollment status on ACORN), subject to federal government requirements (please see the Government of Canada website for rules and regulations).


Learn more about the Work Study Program and Student Eligibility by logging onto CLNx.




Job Descriptions


There are 3 types of Library Assistant Positions and you are welcomed to apply for more than one job.

  • Find the jobs by searching for Innis College Library in UofT Career Learning Network.
  • Please read the job descriptions in CLNX for all of details about the positions including duties, requirements and preferred qualifications.



185108 : Student Library Assistant – Marketing & Social Media

  • 2 Postings
  • Work onsite at Innis College Library at the service desk and help manage library social media and work with the librarian to develop marketing and online engagement strategies to promote research resources and support the library’s communities.


185109: Student Library Assistant – Collections

  • 2 Positions
  • Work onsite at Innis College Library at the service desk and help the librarian find new resources that support courses and research at the College and its academic programs; develop knowledge of U of T cataloguing systems; and assist with collection maintenance.


185110: Student Library Assistant – eLearning & Research

  • 1 position
  • Work onsite at Innis College Library at the service desk and collaborate with the librarian to develop research guides, online videos, and instructional resources that support research skills for Innis, Writing & Rhetoric, and Cinema Studies students.




How to Apply for Fall/Winter Positions (Deadline: Wednesday August 25, 2021)


All applications must be submitted via UofT Career Learning Network to be considered.

  1. Visit the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNX) website 
  2. Search for Innis College Library or Job ID (listed in Job Descriptions)
  3. Read the job applications including the requirements for these positions (e.g., onsite work)
  4. Submit the required application materials (i.e., Cover letter and resume)


The following are some tips for applying to student library jobs with Innis College Library:


Tailor your cover letter to the job: 

  • Cover letters and resumes that speak to the specific job and required qualifications stand out more than generic applications
  • Think about:
    • Why are you interested in the job you are applying for?
    • Visiting the library website to learn more about it before applying
    • How your skills are transferrable. You may not have direct library experience, but think about your other experiences – e.g., volunteer, clubs, previous employment – and how they can apply to the role. Highlight this in your resume and cover letter


About Personal Information

Please do not include personal information like photographs, age, or marital status.


Format & Content 

  • Keep a simple format for your resume and cover letter
  • Focus on the content versus the style of your application



Contact your references and confirm they are available and willing to be listed as a reference on your application. UTM Career Centre – Tips on References