Applying to Innis College


Once you have decided to apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science (FAS) at U of T, you will have to submit your application on the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) website. Within the OUAC, you will complete one application, from list of several different options, depending on your academic background and where you live (e.g., OUAC 101, 105D, 105F). These applications are generally open from September to mid-January (i.e., 12-7 months before classes begin in the Fall).

The Apply to U of T website is the best starting point to help you determine which application is correct for you.

Note: if you are applying to U of T with credits from another degree-granting institution, with advanced placement exam scores (e.g., IB, AP, GCE, CAPE), your application process is slightly different. We describe each step for you on this page.

When completing your OUAC application to enter the FAS at U of T, you will have to make two primary choices: admission category and college ranking. These are decisions that you should research in advance to ensure that you are selecting a good fit for you.

1. Admission Category

This page, within the FAS website, describes the six broad admission category options, including high school pre-requisites and admission requirements. Your college affiliation and your admission category are independent factors. Innis Students enjoy access to the full range of categories within the FAS.

Note: Within the FAS you are not admitted to a program of study until the session after you have completed at least 4.0 credits (i.e., typically after your first year of study). Before then, you have priority in choosing from a wide selection of first year courses that fall within your admission category. You may even have access to courses in other admission categories.

2. College Ranking

The previous section, Choosing U of T & Innis College, introduced the process of discovering which colleges may be a better fit for you than others. This FAS webpage, describes the process of selecting and ranking colleges on your OUAC application.

Note: Innis is one of the smaller colleges within the FAS, which allows it to be more selective in terms of the number of admission offers that are sent out. We determine which applicants receive an offer based upon the incoming high school grade average. If you are interested in Innis, it is critical that you rank Innis College first on the OUAC. Innis will only consider those students who rank it as their first choice.

Once you have submitted your OUAC application, visit our After Applying webpage for instructions on your next steps in the process of becoming a new student to Innis College.