Your First Classes

In the Fall term, classes officially begin in the second week of September. Before showing up to your first lecture, consider the five points below as they may answer some of your last minute questions.

1. Portal

Using the UTORid and password (that you got after your TCard), log into the Learning Portal website. Sometime after course enrolment, your professors will start using this site to post course syllabi, electronic course readings, and even grades. Portal can also be used as a forum for class participation.

Note that the Learning Portal is also referred to as Quercus.

2. Course materials

Most courses require you to purchase textbooks, readers and other materials. Finding these materials is straightforward. The U of T Bookstore is a common location for textbook sales, but there are a number of specialty bookstores and printing houses around campus which may also distribute them. You won’t have to acquire course books until after your first lecture, when the professor will indicate the official course materials in the syllabus. Prior to this, you could find out what the course materials are on Portal or occasionally on the respective Department’s website.

3. Class locations

The St. George Campus is large–very large. Before your first classes, it is advisable to physically visit each location to avoid any last minute confusion. Building and room numbers are indicated on your weekly timetable, on ROSI/ACORN, after you have enrolled in courses. Each building has been assigned a two-letter code, which can be identified on this interactive campus map. Some students are concerned about navigating from one class to the next in time. Fortunately, U of T factors travel time into the class schedule, as described next.

4. Class timing

By default, all daytime courses in the FAS begin exactly 10 minutes after the hour and they end on the hour. For example, a lecture section that is listed in the Registration Instructions & Timetable as “MWF9”, it will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:10am to 10:00am. Alternatively, evening sections (i.e., starting at 5:00pm or later) often begin on the hour. For example, “R6-9” refers to Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

5. Anecdotes from upper-year students

Having a little trepidation about beginning your university career? You are not alone. U of T is a large, diverse and exciting place, albeit confusing at times. Luckily, as a student of Innis College, you are a member of a smaller and supportive community through which you can engage in your student experience in a more manageable way. Remember that the Innis Registrar’s Office, the Office of Student Life and the ICSS are great starting points for you to seek advice. Click the links below to read anecdotes from upper years students regarding the transition to U of T and Innis College.

Once your first classes are behind you, you can find further information and resources under the Current Students section of our website. Until then, congratulations and welcome to Innis College!