Preparing for First Year

If you have been offered admission to Innis College at U of T, and you have accepted your offer on the OUAC, congratulations! Welcome to the vibrant Innis College community!


There is a long sequence of dates, events and opportunities to consider in between now and your first week of class. The newly-admitted student process can be exciting and at times cumbersome. Fortunately, we have prepared a Quercus course to help you manage it all. If you are a newly admitted student, log into Quercus and accept your invite to the “Innis 101” Quercus page.


The Faculty of Arts & Science Current Students website has many helpful links, including the Registration Instructions & Timetable, which is the definitive resource to help you navigate the process. Here you will find the six steps to course registration and a list of important dates.


The pages contained within this section of the website present this process to you, in a sequential manner. Click the links below to jump to that page.