Choosing Your Courses

First year course enrolment begins in July. In order to make the best choices for you, follow these three critical steps. Start thinking about this process by June, at the latest, so that you are prepared well in advance of the first-year course enrolment start date.


1. Finding your courses

There are approximately 2,000 courses offered within the Faculty of Arts & Science (A&S) each year, and you are responsible for selecting a handful of these for your first year of studies. Before you can even consider your course options, you will need to know where to find course descriptions (in the A&S Calendar) and course timetables (in the A&S Course Enrolment Instructions & Timetable), and you must learn how to interpret the specific wording and codes that are used.


2. Selecting your courses

There are many factors to consider when selecting your courses, including personal interest, pre-requisites, breadth requirements, and more. You will also have to factor in the scheduling of these courses to ensure that you avoid overlaps in your timetable. Furthermore, course sizes are limited and so a list of backup courses is also an essential part of course selection.


3. Enrolling in your courses

Once you have filled your hypothetical timetable with courses, you need to learn how to actually enrol in these courses online. This requires knowledge of the online Student Web Service, ACORN, through which course enrolment is conducted by all students.

Getting Help

There are several opportunities to learn strategies for finding, selecting and enrolling in courses. Here is a list of resources, events and services, both in-person and online:

Once you have successfully enrolled in your courses on ACORN, your next step is to secure your space in your courses by paying or officially deferring your fees. This step is explained on the next page in this section.