Paying or Deferring Your Fees

After enrolling in your courses on ACORN, you need to secure your spot in them. This is known as officially registering in your courses. Registration must be completed by a specific deadline in August. Without registering you will be at risk of automatic removal from all of your courses.

There are two ways to register:

  • Paying at least the minimum instalment of your fees (i.e., 50% of your total tuition for both the Fall & Winter academic sessions) through a bank; or
  • Deferring your fee payment on ACORN. Students eligible for this option would be ones who were approved to receive OSAP (or another Canadian provincial loan) or who were awarded a U of T scholarship large enough to cover 50% of the tuition cost.

Further Information

  • The Student Accounts Office is the primary authority on fee payments and deferrals. Familiarize yourself with their website for inquiries related to student fees, financial aid, awards, and scholarships. Pay attention to the Tuition Fee Schedule, which describes the specific tuition amounts for each category of student (e.g., domestic, international, BCom, CTEP). The Refund Schedule describes the timeline and conditions for receiving fee adjustments and refunds.
  • The specific August deadline to officially register in your courses, as described above, is published each year in Academic Dates & Deadlines.
  • On pages 17-18 of the Academic Orientation PDF, we have described the course registration process in greater detail.

Note: the fee refund deadlines are not the same as academic deadline to drop/cancel courses.

It is difficult to even consider paying or deferring your fees, for first year courses, without giving thought to your broader student financial plan. Whether you are relying upon scholarships, loans, or part-time employment, visit the next page to learn about acquiring your TCard.